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glow | pure castile liquid gold

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

glow | for face and body (300ml)

our signature pure castile liquid soap is made from the gentliest ingredients, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin types. think superb yet gentle cleaning abilities while healing and nourishing your skin.


Pure Castile Soap is made from majority extra virgin olive oil, making it the mildest soap one can find. It is more diluted than generic liquid soap as we do not use chemical thickeners found in all store-bought soaps.


  1. Anti-inflammatory: Heal skin abrasions, rashes or even sunburns

  2. Antioxidant: Stimulates new cell regeneration, slows down wrinkle development and gives skin a youthful look

  3. Moisturising: Gives your skin a clean and buttery feel

  4. Soothing: Good for acne, eczema and psoriasis

  5. Extra Gentle: Gentle enough to be used on newborns. Great for dry and/or sensitive skin


Click links for photo vibes!

  1. Lavender: calming, soft smell of serendipity

  2. The Westin: clean, refreshing top notes of white tea with subtle nodes of vanilla and woodsy cedar

  3. Shangri-la: fresh, light top nodes of bergamot and lily wrapped around a bouquet of jasmine, rose and lavender and lingers with the seductive warmth of musk and sandalwood

  4. Ritz Carlton: sweet, floral top nodes of ripe strawberry, mountain mint and elderflower delicately wrapped with a powdery finish

  5. Galaxy Macau: fresh, fruity top notes perfectly balanced with floral and spicy heart


we understand that liquid bottles are not the most sustainable option. however, we would like to appeal to those who has not switched to bar soaps due to inconvenience and lack of familiarity. bubbi's liquid soap is a half step towards sustainability.

with all-naturalé ingredients, the contents of the bottle is great for your skin and great for the environment too. we are doing our part to reduce chemicals drained into our waters. we have also decided to do without product labels so that you can recycle the bottle for other uses while we figure our refill options on our end. a half step is better than no steps taken and we urge all to take this half step with us.

please keep your bubbi bottles for an upcoming surprise! we are developing #mentalwellness stickers featuring quotes submitted by all of you. customise your unique bottle with our stickers and we hope they serve as a daily reminder in the shower of how amazing you are.

Ingredient List

water, saponified oils (organic extra virgin olive, organic cold pressed coconut, castor), essential oil

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