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Cold Pressed Castor Oil

What is Cold Pressed Castor Oil?

Pressed from castor seeds found in the tropical Ricinus communis plant, castor oil is thicker and gloopier than, say, argon or coconut oil. But as its texture suggests, it’s also far richer in vitamin E and fatty acids than most plant oils, making it an especially effective replenisher for skin and hair. Castor oil contains Vitamin E, proteins and Omega 6 & 9 that are the key components responsible for good hair and skin. It helps in the reduction of hair fall, pre-mature greying of hair, fights any scalp related problems along with accelerating hair growth. For your skin, be it pigmentation, acne or ageing, castor oil is the solution of it all.


  • Anti-ageing: boosts collagen production

  • Acne control: essential fatty acids help restore skin's natural moisture balance

  • Helps soap lather well without the use of SLS


  • To use less than 10% in soap to ensure soap's stability

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