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How is soap made naturally?

How does one differentiate between soaps?

Soap is made when oils saponify, which means they reaction with NaOH solution to become a salt. That's right oils are acids in the soap making process that react with NaOH (a base) to form a salt, soap! These oils are usual cooking oils you can find in supermarkets as well as more premium oils that are meant for your skin. NaOH is a controlled ingredient in Singapore as it is very reactive and must be handled with care. There are four different ways to make soap - cold-process, hot-process, melt and pour and rebatching. While hot-process is a faster process, the heat tends to remove the natural goodness of the ingredients. Melt and pour involves melting a soap base and adding additives to it then allowing it to cool and harden. This method does not give you much flexibility in benefits of the soap and the soap base is not 100% natural. Rebatching involves melting down different soaps to create a frankenstein soap. We use cold-process to ensure that all the goodness in your oils and additives still remain after they react with NaOH. However, this makes the process extremely long (about 2 months!)

Our soaps differ from other soaps because a lot of handmade soaps out there are either melt and pour soaps which do contain chemicals or they are made with basic soap making ingredients - coconut, olive, palm and/or rice bran oil. These soaps mainly serve the basic function of soaps - to cleanse. Our soaps, however, contain premium oils such as avocado oil and sweet almond oil to nourish and detox while cleansing.

As we only use 100% pure essential oils in our soaps instead of the usual synthetic fragrance oils, our soaps will take on the strength of natural smells. It takes some getting used to as first but most enjoy the mild scents after a while as they help with relaxation.

Why does bubbi's soaps have a mild scent as compared to conventional soaps?


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