bath times

embracing a bubbi'er you



handcrafted in small batches using only premium ingredients through the cold process method | made in singapore



formulated with vegetarian ingredients, with no chemicals, artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes



intentional recipes that are sustainable and contain no palm oil | low waste packaging with recycled bubblewrap from @package.pals


meet the maker


hi! I'm dawn and I make all the soaps that you see here on bubbi. I have just started my full-time and this is very much my passion project / live-long dream (tbh). that I work on during the weekends. My whole heart has gone into conceptualising, creating and giving life to this collection of natural and intentionally handcrafted face and body bath products. 


bubbi started out in the shower while I was going through a rough patch in my mental health journey but also as a way to help me weave more habitual moments of mindfulness into my daily routine. I feel that shower times are such sacred times that we can commit to self care and I have always used these times to relax, reflect and rebalance my thoughts. Hence, each product has been formulated with purposeful ingredients that help contribute to the overall intention of self care. 


I hope to share every lovingly handcrafted bar with you and continue spreading the word about holistic personal care that goes beyond physical hygiene to also help support mind and aura hygiene. Life moves too quickly these days. I hope bubbi will be that reminder for you to slow down to live in the moment and appreciate life.